MT505T Compact Version

MT505T is the latest model for the requirement of smaller HMI in manufacturing & automation industry. Comparing with MT506T, it saves more than 50% space. its resolution reaches to 480x272, 70% more than that of MT506T.

In addition, it adopts 256 colors TFT LCD and the stat-of-the-art LED backlight technology which keeps 300cd/ms high brightness and improves the usage life-span.

As an all-in-one solution, upgraded EasyBuilder 500 V2.7.3 software can be used for programing MT505T. With 32 bits RISC high processing speed CPU, the performance of MT505T is far beyond comparable displays on the market!!

MT8000 Series for high end application

MT8000 series is the new HMI generation of EasyView touch screen made in Weintek. With the design concept of meeting customers' satisfaction while easy-to Use attribute as before, a MT8000 not only performs as a Human Machine Interface but also plays as a role of data exchange center. Through the most popular Ethernet connection, data can be shared among MT8000s without limitation and any SCADA/HMI software on the PC can simply access data from MT8000s.MT8000 series is the best choice for hign end solution.

Multiple MT8000s/PLCs can be connected as a network through Ethernet. 10/100 base-T Ethernet allows several MT8000s on the network to exchange data with fast speed. Besides, any MT8000 can access data from other MT8000s. Users can also download project/data via Ethernet in a short time.

Recently years, with related technologies evolve and improve, automation and control industries become more heavily involved in networking at all levels. In view of the benefits of shorter response time, greater data throughput and higher security than other protocols when using Ehternet/IP, in order to closely meet users' needs in the era of pursuing speed and accuracy, Weintek successfully developed this technology. Latest MT8000 series supports devices with Ethernet/IP protocol which makes users easier to integrate devices in networks environment and more efficient in data transferring.



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