New Service Rate 2009

Started from January 2009, we adjusted our service rates to Labour: $85/Hour, Travel: $40/Hour for installation, commissioning, trouble shooting All Rotoflex machines (VSI, VLI, HSI, HLI, DLI, including Edrive, C3, C5, URC, MTSC/VRP).

More than 16 years experience of Electrical & Mechanical, Foxteq licensed technician provide professional services and solutions at affordable price.

We accept major credit cards.

Shear Knives & Crush Knife

1.Shear Knives (Pack of 5) $100.00

2. Upper Shearnife Assy $120.00/ea

3. Lower Shearnife Assy $120.00/ea

3. Razor Blades (box of 1000) Min buy 100 $35.00 per 100

4. Crush Knife Blade Assy (w/o pneumatics) $225.00

5. Crush Knife Blade $30.00

Latex Tubing (Min buy 3ft)

1. Latex Tubing-1/8" IDx 1/16", $3.50/ft

2. Latex Tubing-3/16"x1/32" $6.00/ft

3. Latex Tubing-1/4x1/16" $4.00/ft

3. Latex Tubing-5/16x3/32 $5.00/ft

4. Latex Tubing-1 1/2"x1/8" $14.00/ft

and more...


1. Encoder coupling (1 1/2" bore) $140.00/ea

2. Encoder wheel for above encoder $150/ea


and more...



Motors, Brake and Clutch

1. 3hp Ohio Motol (for Old VSI) $1680.00/ea

2. 3hp Maxmotion motor (1750rpm) for new VSI $800/ea

3. Brake pad - RED for S600 Brake

3. Brake pad - GREEN for S600 Brake

4. Friction Facing pad- RED for L600 clutch

5. Friction Facing pad- GREEN for L600 clutch

and more...



It's fastest! MT8121X
  • 12.1" TFT 65536 Colors LCD 800X600,
  • 32 bit CISC CPU 500MHz,
  • RS232, RS485
  • Ethernet
  • CF card
  • USB
  • Sound record and Audio output
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